Cheyenne was the first pick of the litter and now enjoys her days with Tim and Lori May in Milwaukee, WI. "Cheyenne is a joy in the field as well as in our home! She completed her Junior Hunter certification in September '07 and her Senior Hunter in September '08. Master hunter is her next goal and we hope to begin pursuing it this fall. To watch Cheyenne work in the field on her own or with her favorite hunting partners Pinky, Lili, and Dixie is really something to behold. These are remarkable dogs! Cheyenne is our first vizsla and we could not ask for a more loving and affectionate "baby". When she is at home she is like our child. She loves to sit with us and watch TV and waits until we're settled in before she wiggles under the covers for the night. She greets everyone as a friend and loves to have doggie sleepovers with Pinky and Lili. We just cannot say enough about how much we love her. She is so much more than a hunting dog; she is truly a member of our family. We can't imagine what our home would be like without her."


Karen and Michael Bynum live in VA with Rusty. It is best to describe him with their words: “The strangest thing that he loves to do (that baffles my husband and I) is that Rusty loves to sleep, at the foot of our bed, under all the blankets! We aren't sure how he can even breath under there, but he can sleep there for hours and hours--even when no one is in the bed with him. We adore our Vizsla and are so grateful to have him in our lives.” Rusty enjoys many car rides to visit family in NC and follows his parents everywhere acting as a shadow.


Pink was the second pick and resides with us. She is a breath of fresh air. She is entertaining and extremely affectionate, some might say spoiled; she wants all the love and finds it difficult to share. In the future we hope to breed her as well.