Pink Lightning MH CGC-Dam

Si Cisco JH - Sire


Cisco was born on 4-08-04 and is owned by Jonathan Peck and resides in Battle creek, MI. Cisco has an outstanding personality and temperament which makes him an ideal choice for a sire. Cisco is quite the versatile dog. He has a keen nose in the field but is gentle and friendly in the home. His all-around presence and background makes him an easy choice to breed with. He has been successful as a field trial dog, done well in puppy/derby stakes, and placed in hunting championships. He is OFA certified and has an exceptional pedigree. Recently Cisco became a field champion.

Busch's Lili Marlane JH - Dam


Lili is a gem. I have not met another dog like her. She is dynamite in the field and has placed in numerous competitions. Her skill in the field is only a small part of what makes her such an exceptional dog. Her personality is truly one of a kind. Lili is a remarkable dog in the house. She thrives around people and has the ability to adapt herself to any situation. She is quite laid back. Lili was glowing after her first litter, and did everything to keep her pups safe. There is not a doubt that her pups can achieve great things in the home, field, or show.